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Propane Crane Bodies by JOMAC

Body ModelWidthHeightLength
500294"75"144" - 168"
5004, 5005, 500694"56 ½"see specs
500994"42"see specs

Propane Crane Trucks

The Industry Leader in Propane Gas Delivery Systems

JOMAC was the first company to introduce an Aluminum Body to LP Service. In fact, JOMAC founder Rich Jones started a Propane Delivery business himself in 1985, Jones Propane. Having first-hand experience facing the rigors that a Propane Service Truck endures, JOMAC developed the LPG Site Manager. Today, the LPG Site Manager is the leading Propane Truck Body in the service industry.

The LPG Site Manager

JOMAC is all about AL (Aluminum)! The LPG Site Manager is manufactured primarily from aluminum to reduce fuel consumption and add durability. Learn about the Advantages of Aluminum Truck Bodies and Try Our Fuel Savings Calculator.

Every LPG Site Manager starts with a custom cabinet configuration. JOMAC cabinets are supremely crafted and have superior doors, lighting and a full-range of customization options so that your cargo is organized, safe and secure. Learn More About Cabinets and the Outstanding Structural Integrity of JOMAC Truck Bodies.

In addition to aluminum truck bodies, JOMAC manufactures hydraulic cranes at their headquarters in Carrollton, Ohio. JOMAC engineers every service body and crane system as a single and cohesive unit. This directly translates to customers achieving a higher level of productivity, reliability and efficiency in their deliveries. The quality, durability and performance of the JOMAC LP Gas Delivery Body cannot be matched by other delivery units using service bodies and cranes that are manufactured separately.

Propane LP Site Manager Body
  • 94" Width
  • Pipe Rack
  • Flip-Type Placards
  • 3" Channel cross members on 8" centers to provide extra heavy duty deck strength
  • E-track system with rings for compatibility with e-track straps, chain hooks, or snap hooks
  • 3⁄16" Deck Plate Floor
  • 5" Channel Rub Rails
  • Conspicuity tape on both sides and rear
  • Cabinets and crane can be mounted on either curb or street side for maximum efficiency for your operation
  • 13 gauge double panel doors to provide maximum strength
  • Standard side cabinets extend 22" beneath the deck which typically provides between 25% and 30% extra storage space

Get It Customized

JOMAC's Propane Delivery Systems are available with a wide range of popular and innovative options, including the LP Gas Workstation and Other Service Packages. Take advantage of JOMAC's customization options and make sure all of your installation tools and parts are easily within reach when you're on the job!

The LP Gas Fitters Workstation from JOMAC

JOMAC's LP Gas Fitters Work Station is set up the way you need it to be. Get the job done right and get it done fast!

Propane Service Bodies Propane Truck Bodies


  • Heavy duty 300 LB drawer slides for the storing of fittings, steel piping, tools, etc to provide maximum strength
  • Pigtail Holder
  • Conveniently placed shelves and dividers  (Shelf depth designed to accommodate regulator boxes)
  • Mounting plate for a Water Manometer
  • Lighting for Extra Convenience during Night Time Service Calls
  • Roller Shelf with Wilton Vise rigidly mounted to it for Additional Work Space

NPGA Member

JOMAC is proud to be a member of the NPGA (National Propane Gas Association). The NPGA is a national trade association that represents the propane industry in the United States. The mission of the NPGA is to advance safety and increase the use of propane through sound public policy.

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