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Create a Custom Truck Body with JOMAC

At JOMAC LTD we are all about the customization of our aluminum truck bodies. JOMAC LTD is one of the only manufacturers in America that builds custom truck bodies with complimenting cranes. We have the ability to meet requirements that our competitors can't reach and the understanding to create and improve upon the vision for your perfect service truck body. JOMAC understands that your company has needs, and we want to fulfill those needs and exceed your expectations. With each and every project we strive to customize your service body to the highest level and make your job easier.

Pre Purchase Process

Don't worry if you envision your perfect custom truck body, but just can't quite get it right on paper. That's why JOMAC's experts are here to help. You will work with one of our qualified sales representatives to discuss all of your ideas in detail. If it makes the process easier, we invite you to come and tour our headquarters. We will take you on a tour of our facilities and show you truck bodies in production to help determine the goals of your custom body. JOMAC is here to serve your needs in a way that best accommodates you, our customer.

Need a blank drawing to think out your ideas? We've got it covered, blank drawings allow our customers the ability to show us how they want their truck designed. Maybe you need a specialized cabinet for a large tool that you use every day, we understand and we'll show you where to place the tool on your body for an effective and efficient design.

Design Process

Once your order is placed we can provide you with a concept drawing of your custom body for your review. This will finalize your customized design and allow you to make any changes you deem necessary before the production phase of your service body build. Like our bodies, The JOMAC design process is built to truly please our customers and they enjoy having the opportunity to see the vision they had of their custom service body down on paper, prior to the actual build.

At JOMAC LTD we have an open door policy. Would you like to take a look at your new truck body while it is being built? No problem, stop by anytime and we can take you through the stages of manufacturing. Our customers enjoy the flexibility of being welcomed to visit our facility whenever they please. JOMAC understands that when building a customized product, customer involvement is very important. We want to build exactly what you're looking for... and what better way to find out than show it to you in person?

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